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What is Digital Variable Data Printing

Digital Variable Data Printing also referred to as Personalized Printing, Variable Information Printing, and even Database Publishing is a method PrintPelican uses to customize digital printing orders. Every document can be customized for each individual in one combined marketing campaign. This type of promotion can be more effective than traditional one-to-one or CRM marketing means such as emailing and call center telemarketing. Read more...

Significant Uses of Variable Data Digital Printing

Variable data digital printing (VDDP) has as many names as it does uses. The process, which allows all printed documents in one single group to be unique, can also be referred to as variable information printing, personalized publishing, and database publishing among other things. But choosing which to call it is the easier of the two tasks. Choosing just one of its multitude of uses is a whole new ballgame and marketing opportunity. Read more...

On Demand Printing for One to One Marketing Solutions

Print on demand or publish on demand (POD) is a process that many people turn to, to help ensure they are getting…well…what they demand. It is a term that denotes creation upon request. The printing methodology is one where copies or documents are not made until they are ordered. Many print on demand services come without the quality, personal service, or expertise that customers should demand with any service they pay for. is one company that specializes not only in the digital technology of on demand printing, but also everything that customers expect from high quality service. Read more...

Free Consultation with Pelican Variable Data Printing Expert.

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